Default Room Data

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Default Room Data

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The Default Room Data page lets you enter optional default information which can then be quickly copied to the Room Data page.  The inputs on the Default Room Data page are essentially the same as the Room Data page, so for help on a particular input see the Room Data topic in this help reference.

Note:  It is not necessary to fill out the Default Room Data page, but it is provided for your convenience to let you store your most commonly used data that you will be entering on the Room Data page.  For example, instead of entering the same wall over and over again on the Room Data page, you can simply enter the complete wall one time on the Default Room Data page and then copy it as often as you like into the Room Data page.  If you want to use the Default Room feature, it is perfectly acceptable to leave any of the more variable inputs like floor width and length blank.

The Room Data page now lets you save multiple materials as defaults with the "S" buttons, so you may not even need to visit the Default Room Data page unless you want to define a default room height or other non-material values.