Equipment Cooling Loads

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Equipment Cooling Loads

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Click the Select button beside the Sensible Equipment input on the Room Data page to open the Equipment Cooling Loads page.


This page lets you select multiple items that produce internal cooling loads in each room.  The total sensible load and total latent load (shown in the last two columns in the bottom row of the grid) will be shown on the Room Data page's sensible equipment and latent equipment inputs.  Click the Select button for a row in order to select from a list of internal loads values from Manual J.  You can define as many items per room as you like.

Add Equipment Item Row:  Clicking this menu item adds a new row to the bottom of the list.  Once you have used up all the blank rows you can use this function to add as many new rows as you like.

Current Room:  Specifies the current room for which to edit equipment cooling loads.

Edit Button:  Puts the current row in edit mode.  Click Update when you are done editing.

Delete Button:  Deletes the currently selected row from the project, and adjusts the Total if necessary.

Select Button:  Goes to the Select Manual J Equipment Load Items page, where you can choose from several items of equipment from Manual J.

Item Name:  This column lets you specify the name of each item producing internal loads.

Continuous Use Output, Sensible Btuh:  Specifies the maximum sensible gain in Btuh (or Watts for metric projects) that the current item produces when it operates continuously.

Continuous Use Output, Latent Btuh:  Same as above for sensible, but for latent loads.

Average In-Use Output:  Specifies the average in-use output of this item as a percentage.  For example, if a cooking range with four equal burners averages only one burner on at a time you would enter 25.

Percent Used per Hour:  Specifies the average percent used per hour for this item.  For example, if a coffee maker averages operating about one quarter of the time, enter 25.

Load, Sensible Btuh, Latent Btuh:  These columns show the actual load that the current item produces.  Equals the continuous load times the average in-use output times the percent used per hour.

Total Sensible Load, Total Latent Load:  This row shows the sensible and latent load values that will be copied back to the Room Data page.