Global Material Change

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Global Material Change

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Click the menu, "Loads | Global Material Change" to open the Global Material Change page, where a particular building component for any number of rooms can be replaced with a different material of that type from the Material Database.  The U-value of any replaced components will be changed to equal the U-value of the new component.

Material Type:  Determines which kind of material is to be changed.  Note that it is only possible to change one material to another of the same type.

Rooms:  Determines which rooms to apply the change to.  Put a checkmark beside each room that you want to include.

Mark All, Clear All:  Checks or unchecks all of the rooms in the list.

Existing material...:  Specifies the existing material to change.  Defaults to the first occurring material of the selected type found in the project.

New material:  Specifies the material to which the existing material is to be changed.

Perform Change button:  Makes the desired changes to the project.