Equipment Data

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Equipment Data

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The Equipment page lets you see the data for the current equipment.  This information can be printed on the Room Load Summary report (if you check the box at the top of this page), and on the System Equipment Data report.

Model Type, Model Number, etc.:  All of the these inputs are only provided as a means to document the equipment being used for a particular system.  None of the inputs are used in the program's calculations.  These inputs can be filled in automatically from the Find HVAC Equipment page.  You should only select equipment after having entered all of the room data and other data that affect the load.

Select Heating Equipment, Select Cooling Equipment:  Goes to the Find HVAC Equipment page and sets its minimum and maximum capacity inputs according to the load of the current system.  You should only select equipment after having entered all of the room data and other data that affects the load.

Note:  The Sensible Capacity and Latent Capacity inputs on the cooling side are also only used to document the project and are not figured into the calculations.  They are only provided so that you can document the sensible capacity and latent capacity of the HVAC unit, and compare it to the sensible load and latent load of the project.  When you select equipment with the Find HVAC Equipment page, the program will use the value of the current system's Percent Sensible Capacity input (entered on the System Data page) and the cooling capacity of the unit you select to fill in these inputs.  But you should instead use the performance data from the manufacturer's data tables for the unit to determine what these values will be at your design conditions.

Include this system's equipment on Room Load Summary report:  Check this box to make it so the equipment shown on this page is included on the Room Load Summary report.  This checkbox applies only to the current system's equipment.

This system's equipment was selected in accordance with ACCA Manual S:  If you have in fact selected the current system's equipment in accordance with the procedures given in ACCA Manual S, you can check this box to add a paragraph to the System Equipment Data and Room Load Summary reports stating that.  The paragraph will also include a list of data for the current system required by Manual S to select equipment.