My Account Settings Page

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My Account Settings Page

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Click "File | My Account" to open this page.

User ID:  Shows your user ID, which is the same as your email address that you used when you registered.  You cannot change your user ID.

Change Password:  Click this link to change your password on the Change Password page.  Immediately after logging in for the first time you should change your password from the one sent to you by email.

First Name, Last Name, Business Name:  Shows your name and company name as entered when you registered.  You cannot edit these values.  If you need to change these contact us.

Address, City, etc.:  Specifies your company's contact information.  Items marked with an asterisk ("*") must not be left blank.

Project Access Code:  Specifies an optional code that you may give to another registered user of Rhvac Online, in order to allow your projects to be imported by that other user. See the Importing Another User's Project topic for a full explanation.