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New Project

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Click "File | New Project" to open this page.


Select existing project data to copy:  

None; create a blank project:  Creates a blank project with no data in it, aside from some default values.  This option is the same as selecting the "Blank Project" icon in Rhvac desktop.

Copy entire project:  Creates a complete copy of the project you select in the "Project to Copy" list at the bottom of this page.

Copy only the following:  Copies only the items you check ("Project, Client, etc.)" from the project you select in the "Project to Copy" list.


Import from:  This dropdown list lets you choose the source of the list of projects shown in the "Project to Copy" list.

My Projects:  Lists all of your projects in your account.  

Global Default Projects:  Lists the projects saved as global default projects for all accounts. We may update this list from time to time.

Other User's Projects:  This option is only available if you have an active license for Load Calculation and are not in the 7 day trial period.  Lists projects in another Rhvac Online user's account. If you know another user of Rhvac Online you can import projects that the other user has allowed you import.  The other user must check the "Allow Import" checkbox on the General Project Data page of his project in order for it to show up in the list.

Other User Name:  Specifies the user name (email address) of the other user whose project you want to copy from.  The email address you enter here will be saved in your account and remembered the next time you visit this page.

Other User Project Access Code:  Specifies the Project Access Code that the other user has entered on the My Account Settings page.

See the Importing Another User's Project topic for a full explanation of this feature.


Project to Copy:  Lists the projects corresponding to your selection in the "Import from" dropdown list.  Select the project you want to copy from.  It will then be highlighted in blue.


Create New Project:  Creates the new project with the options you selected above.