Rotate or Mirror Rooms

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Rotate or Mirror Rooms

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Click the menu, "Loads | Rotate or Mirror Rooms" to open the Global Dimension Change page, where you can change the dimensions of various things in your rooms.

Rooms:  Determines which rooms to apply the change to.  Check the box beside each room that you want to include.

Mark All, Clear All:  Checks or unchecks all of the rooms in the list.

Rotate, Mirror Options:  Selects which type of operation to perform on the selected rooms.

Reference Direction:  Specifies the reference direction from which you want the rooms to be rotated.

New Direction:  Specifies the new direction to which you want the rooms to be rotated.  For example, if you want to rotate the selected rooms by 90 degrees, enter E for East in this input and N for North in the Reference Direction input.

Rotation Degrees:  Displays the number of degrees that the selected rooms will be rotated, which is determined by the clockwise difference between the Reference Direction and New Direction inputs.

Axis:  When selecting to Mirror the rooms, selects which of the four major compass axes about which to mirror the selected rooms.

Perform Rotation or Mirroring button:  Makes the desired changes to the project.  After clicking, a message will be displayed near the top of the page to indicate success or failure in performing the operation.