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Click "File | Select Reports" to open this page.  You must have a project open in order to open this page.

Mark All, Clear All:  Checks or unchecks all of the report checkboxes under both Load Calculation and Duct Design.

Load Calculation Reports:

Project:  Lists the project, client and company data entered in the inputs on the General Project Data page, as well as Check Figures and total building heating and cooling loads.

Miscellaneous:  Lists design conditions for each system and infiltration and ventilation data for each system.

Building Summary Loads, System Summary Loads, Zone Summary Loads: Generates a table that shows the gain and loss values of each floor, roof, wall, glass and door, as well as other loads such as people and infiltration.

Detailed Room Loads: Generates a one-page report for each room in the project that includes the runout duct size and other duct sizing information, infiltration and ventilation values, and detailed gain and loss data for each floor, roof, wall, glass and door in the room.

Manual S Performance Data: Shows a report listing each system's design conditions and loads, and summarizes the results from the data you entered on the Manual S Performance Data page.  Alternatively, you can enter your adjusted data (adjusted capacity, adjusted sensible capacity and adjusted latent capacity) on the System Equipment page.  If the data from the Manual S Performance Data page are all blank then your adjusted capacity values from the System Equipment page will be used on this report instead.  If you do fill in those values manually make sure the sensible plus latent equals the total.

System Room Load Summary:  Generates a report for each system in the project that includes a table showing each room's loss and gain, CFM requirements and duct sizes, subtotaled by zones and showing the total values for the system.  Includes a Cooling System Summary showing the Net, Recommended and Actual tonnages for the system, as well as the sensible to latent splits.  Shows cooling and heating Equipment Data entered in the System Data window's Equipment Specifications inputs.  If you checked the "This system's equipment was selected in accordance with ACCA Manual S" box on the Equipment tab of the System Data window, this report also includes a Manual S section.

System Equipment Data:  Lists the data for the heating and cooling equipment selected for each system, including the model number, type of system, capacity, etc..  If you checked the "This system's equipment was selected in accordance with ACCA Manual S" box on the Equipment tab of the System Data window, this report also includes a Manual S section.  This report may also include equipment pictures, if specified and if the "Print Pictures on Equipment Data Report" box below this row is checked.

Radiant Floor:  Generates a report that shows the radiant floor results for each room for which you have entered data on the Radiant Floor Properties page.

Duct Design Reports:

Duct Sizing Data: Generates a report listing each duct that you created on the Duct Data page.  Includes the duct diameter, width, height, velocity, pressure loss, etc..


Evaluation of Project:  Shows you any errors or warnings in the project so you can address them before generating reports, if you want to do so.

Create Reports PDF:  Recalculates the project and generates the reports you selected.  Depending on the device you are using to connect to Rhvac Online, you may be prompted whether to open or save the generated PDF file, or it may just display the PDF in a viewer without prompting you.

Report Options:

Add a date stamp footer to each page: Puts today's date at the bottom right hand corner of each page of the report.

Show page numbers in the page header: Puts a page number in the right side of the page header at the top of each page.

Include program icon in page header: Displays the program icon in the middle of the page header.

Show Net tonnage: Shows cooling tonnage values as sensible+latent.

Show Recommended tonnage: Shows cooling tonnage values that meet both the sensible and latent gains of the project, according to each system's Percent Sensible Capacity.

Show air turnover rate in Check Figures section: When checked, includes the "air turnover rate" within the Check Figures sections of various reports.  This quantity represents the number of times per hour the volume of the conditioned space passes through the system fan.

Include page border: When checked, report pages include a border around the edge.

Show winter outdoor relative humidity on Project Report: When checked, shows the calculated winter outdoor relative humidity in a table on the Project Report.  When unchecked, shows "n/a" instead.  The default value for winter relative humidity is 80%, since that is what Manual J assumes in the winter, for purposes of calculating the load due to winter humidification.  If you want to change the winter outdoor relative humidity you can change the winter wet bulb input on the Outdoor Design Conditions page.

Include company street address in page header: When checked, adds your company address from the My Account Settings page to the 3rd line on the left side of the page header, before the company city, state and ZIP.

Add notes if using custom building volume:  Makes it so if you selected Custom for the Building Volume Option on the General Project Data page an asterisk is added to building, system, zone and room volumes, followed with a note that states the volume is based on custom building volume.

Show calculated total volume also if building volume option is custom or above grade:  If you have the Building Volume Option set to Above Grade or Custom, checking this box makes it so places in the reports that show volume will have an additional line added that shows the total, calculated volume.