Calculate Entering Coil Condition

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Calculate Entering Coil Condition

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This page lets you calculate the entering coil dry bulb and wet bulb for the Manual S Performance Data page.  On the Manual S page, if you have the "Allow Custom" option turned on you will need to enter your own entering coil conditions, and this page lets you calculate them by entering supply and return side loads, outdoor conditions, etc..


The values on this page are saved with the current system.  They are saved independently from other system related values, and do not affect any other calculations.


Current System:  Specifies which of the HVAC systems to edit.

Capacity Units:  Displays the units for capacity specified on the Manual S page.  You must return to that page if you want to change the units.


Outdoor Dry Bulb, Outdoor Wet Bulb, etc.:  Specifies the parameters used in calculating the entering coil point.  The following inputs are optional:


Optional Inputs:

Non-Ventilation Return Sensible Gain

Non-Ventilation Return Latent Gain

Ventilation Airflow


Calculate Results Button:  If you have just typed in new values on this page, then click this button to calculate the entering coil condition.

Entering Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb:  These read-only boxes show the calculated results from the values you entered above.  If you make a change to any of the inputs be sure to click Calculate Results to ensure that these boxes reflect the current inputs.

Copy Results to Manual S Page Button:  Copies the calculated dry bulb and wet bulb entering coil conditions to the entering coil values in the Design column under Interpolation Conditions on the Manual S page.

Cancel Button:  Returns you to the Manual S page without copying the entering coil conditions shown on this page.

Errors:  Shows any errors encountered while trying to calculate the entering coil point results.