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Click "File | Options" to go to this page.  This page lets you set various global options for your account.  These options affect all of your projects.

Copy all default data to new rooms I create:  Makes it so new rooms you add to a project start with the default floor, roof, wall, glass and door that you defined on the Default Room Data page.

Display values in decimal feet when using English units:  When checked, makes it so the dimensions on the Room Data and Default Room Data windows are displayed in decimal feet.  When unchecked and using English units, the dimensions are displayed in feet and inches.  Note that you can enter dimension data any way you want to regardless of this setting.

Show System Concept warnings for systems with AED excursion:  When checked, makes it so a System Concept Warning shows up in the  Evaluation of Project area on applicable pages (Load Preview, Select Reports) whenever a system has some amount of AED excursion.  Uncheck the box to globally turn these warnings off.

Warn when a system has no duct loads:  When checked, makes it so a warning appears in the Evaluation of Project area on applicable pages (Load Preview, Select Reports) when you calculate loads for a system that has zero heating and cooling loads due to ductwork.  To enter the required data to let the program calculate such loads, click the menu, "Loads | Duct Load Factors."

Open Help Options:  Specifies how to open the link to a help topic, such as when you click the menu, "Help | Help on Current Page."  If you choose to open the help in a new tab or a new window it might not work, depending on your browser and its settings.